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Safety & Security Guide

Security Contact Information

If you would like more information or have questions concerning the security plan for our school, please contact us at (386) 968-0013.

Safety is no accident

Drill Codes

CODE RED: Lock down

CODE BLUE: Bomb threat

CODE YELLOW: Hazardous Materials

CODE GREEN: Severe Weather


*In the event of a full school evacuation to another site, our primary evacuation site is River Springs Middle School, and our secondary evacuation site is Manatee Cove Elementary School. 

*Family reunification at either the primary evacuation site or the secondary evacuation site would be each respective school's Media Center. 

Safety & Security - Parent Involvement

Titans practice safety...

Students and staff at University High School will participate in a series of drills in order to know what to do in the event of an emergency. Volusia County Schools are well trained in dealing with incidents such as fire, threats on campus, hazardous materials, and severe weather. The actual codes and procedures for these drills are outlined in this newsletter.

University High School has a Security Manual that covers all day to day operations of the school including emergencies, supervision, campus procedures, visitors on campus, clinic operation, cafeteria operation, custodial services, guidance procedures and transportation. The Site Based Safety committee is comprised of teachers and key personnel that meet quarterly to ensure our campus is safe.

When everyone works together toward a common goal wonderful things can happen. Please remind your son/daughter about being safe to and from school, and to be alert while on campus. If your son/daughter walks to/from school, please discuss pedestrian safety with them. All pedestrians should remain alert at all times, use designated crosswalks, and use sidewalks. One of our goals at University High School is to provide a safe and positive environment where all students have an opportunity to be successful. Drive safely - keep our students safe.

Evacuation Location...

In the unlikely event of a full school evacuation steps will be taken to be sure all students are transported swiftly and safely to a designated "safe" facility. River Springs iddle School will be our safe site in the event of an evacuation. Our secondary facility in this situation will be Manatee Cove Elementary School. We appreciate the cooperation of these two schools. As always, we would do our best to communicate if such an event were to occur.

During any drill at UHS, staff, students and visitors on campus must follow these guidelines. Please familiarize yourself with the procedures.

In a Lock down or intruder on campus, no one is allowed in or out. Doors and hall-ways are locked until an "all clear" is given.

During any threat on campus particularly a bomb threat, students and staff must evacuate to a designated safe area away from the building. Staff are trained to handle such a unwelcomed phone call.

In the event hazardous materials or debris enter the campus or highway; the HVAC system is shut off and staff and students inside until an "all clear" is given.

Severe Weather is fairly common in our area. During any tornado/hurricane watch or warning, staff and students will be given instructions to be prepared.