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What Can I Do if My Child is Being Bullied?

If you are concerned that your child is being bullied:

  *Ask your child directly if he/she is being bullied.

  *Believe your child; listen without interrupting and gather as many facts as you can.

  *Don't promise to keep the bullying a secret.

  *Don't blame your child and assure him/her that being bullied is not his/her fault.

  *Talk to your child about handling the situation.

  *Encourage your child to report the incident to school administration.


Proactive Strategies That Can Prevent Bullying

Families that are nurturing and caring and set clear limits can prevent bullying as well as victimization.

The following  will help prevent your child from becoming a bully or a victim:

  *Teach your child to be both strong and kind.

  *Encourage your child to be a good friend.

  *Monitor the whereabouts of your child.

  *Know your child's friends

  *Set a good example

  *Make sure your child understands there are consequences for aggressive behavior.

  *Listen to your child's concerns.

  *Talk with your child about computer ethics and establish rules of conduct on the internet.

  *Monitor your child's television, video, and internet viewing.

    from "The Bully, The Bullied, and Beyond" by Esther Williams, M. Ed.