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Dual Enrollment Information

Dual Enrollment Information Sessions -

  • Virtual information sessions are being offered now through the dual enrollment deadline to outline the eligibility requirements, benefits, and steps to enroll.

Summer & Fall enrollment -

  • The Summer & Fall schedule of DSC courses will open for viewing only on 3/22.
  • Enrollment appointments are set based on a student’s number of earned credits. The appointments will be visible to students after 3/22 and they can follow these steps to view the earliest date they can enroll.
  • Open registration for Summer dual enrollment is April 1st & for Fall dual enrollment is Apirl 15.
  • Dual enrolled students are limited to 2 fully online courses per 15-week semester, unless they have earned at least 30 credits and have a 3.5 DSC GPA

New Students: 

*New students may enter the dual enrollment program during the Fall & Spring semesters only. 

Step 1: ELIGIBILITY - Students need to begin the conversation with their school counselor to verify gpa, eligibility, high school graduation requirements, and college readiness. 

Step 2 : APPLY TO DSC - Follow these steps to complete an online admissions application, selecting Dual Enroll as your Academic Plan.

Step 3: PLACEMENT TESTING - PERT and TABE testing available by appointment only – 

            If you already have PERTSAT/ACT  scores you will need to submit them at the time of registration. 

Step 4: NEW STUDENT ADVISING - Click here to schedule your virtual, group new student advising session.  You will be provided with an overview of the programs offered, how to select courses, important dates, and dual enrollment guidelines. 

STEP 5: SIGNATURES - Email or meet with your school counselor for confirmation of courses and a signed Dual Enrollment Form. 

Returning Students: 

STEP 1: COURSE SELECTION - Review your academic requirements to identify the courses you need for the upcoming semester. Academic advisors can be reached at [email protected] or by appointment, call 386-506-3602 to schedule. 

STEP 2: VERIFICATION OF ELIGIBILITY - Email or meet with your school counselor for verification of eligibility, course selection,  and a Dual Enrollment Form. 

STEP 3: SIGN & SUBMIT YOUR FORM - Once the form is signed by student, parent, and school counselor, it can be emailed to [email protected] to begin the registration process, or students can call 386-506-3602 to schedule an appointment. *All emails must be sent from the student's DSC FalconMail account.

Dual enrollment deadline for Summer & Fall 2021

May 28

Dual Enrollment Deadline

Dual Enrollment Deadline for summer and fall 2021 classes is

May 28, 2021.  You will not be able to register for dual enrollment

classes past this deadline.