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Additional Athletic Information


Learn valuable tools and insights about being the parent of a student athlete.  We have also included a guided worksheet that allows you to take notes from the video.  

University High School coaches are trained in and encouraged to use the principles behind the concepts and philosophy of 3Dimensional Coaching

3D Parent Video Worksheet

School-Based Insurance Information

All student-athletes must have their own insurance per Florida law.  The school, nor school district provides any insurance coverage on student-athletes. 

For student-athletes who do not have their own medical insurance, an accident policy can be purchased to fulfill this requirement.  Volusia County School Board partners with School Insurance of Florida for this optional coverage.  

There are multiple plans and coverages available each year.  Coverage becomes available the day after purchase and will expire on the Sunday before the FHSAA Fall Sport season begins (first Monday in August), no matter when the policy was purchased.  

Policies for the next school year become available in July.  Policies do not automatically renew.  

The website can be found below. 

School-based insurance information


Transfer Students

FHSAA defines a transfer student as any student who changes their mode or provider of instruction any time after either 1) attending class for the first time in ninth grade or 2) participating in any athletic workout with a school even if it occurs during summer months. 

Any student who meets the definition of a transfer must complete a GA 4 form (Recruiting Policy Affidavit) before participating in any athletic activity.  This affidavit certifies that student was not recruited/lured/encouraged to attend University High School for athletic purposes and that no member of the athletic department or athletic representative has spoken to the student or the student's family regarding athletic participation prior to the student registering or enrolling at University High School.  This form may also be printed from your Final Forms account or using the link below.  Completed forms should be returned to the Athletic Director/Department prior to participation. 


Current Coaching Vacancies

We currently are looking for the following:

       Head Girls Wrestling

       Head Boys Wrestling

Those interested in consideration for future coaching vacancies review the following documents for directions on applying for coaching positions within Volusia County Schools and University High School.






What is Sportsmanship?

According to the FHSAA Sportsmanship is defined as follows:

7.2 UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT 7.2.1 “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” Defined. A student who commits an act of malicious and hateful nature toward a contest official, an opponent or any other person attending an athletic contest shall be guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct. Such acts may include, but are not limited to, profanity, striking or threatening a contest official; physical contact with an opponent which is beyond the normal scope of competition; spitting on a contest official or opponent; directing gender, racial or ethnic slurs toward a contest official, an opponent or any other person attending an athletic contest; or other such acts deemed to be unacceptable conduct according to the principal of the member school the student attends or this Association

At University High School we value and promote sportsmanship for all involved in athletic endeavors.  Part of our expectation is that spectators are not permitted to have or use artificial noisemakers at indoor events or during FHSAA state series events.  

We expect the utmost respect towards athletes, coaches, officials and other spectators.  Please do not heckle, make fun of, tease, taunt or otherwise disparage student-athletes, coaches, officials and other spectators.  


First page of the PDF file: NFS-0134-2022-23BenchBadBehaviorCampaign-PrintAds-QuarterPage-425x55-FL-FNL_1