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To apply, go to and select ‘Summer Camp Staff’.

We’re actively searching for students who’re interested in spending their summer changing the life of the children of Florida, and themselves. We typically get a few applications from University Students, and I’d love to continue this tradition.


We’re hiring for two primary residential position at our camp, Counselors-In-Training(CIT) and Counselors.


CITs are 16 or 17-year-olds staff.  They’re there to assist the Counselor with the campers, but they’ll also receive training on other aspects of their job and life.  They receive $150 a week for hours they work and they also receive community service hours for the time they are assisting, and not actually the one directly in charge.


Counselors must be 18-years-old by the time campers arrive June 20th.  They’re responsible for their cabin of 7 campers, and partially responsible for the development of their CIT.  They receive $300 a week for this.


Camp info:

We’re an 8-week non-profit residential camp in Umatilla.  We do a week of staff training, and 7 one-week sessions of camp.  We see about 336 campers every week between the ages of 9-13.  Almost all of our campers come from the state of Florida, which makes us different than many camps out there.  This season we run June 13th to August 7th.


Any staff who works for us become eligible to apply for the Van Duren Scholarship.  This scholarship is up to $5,000 a year for 4-years.  Every year is a new year, so a student has the opportunity to get more money every year based on their academic and personal performance.