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JROTC Mission Statement. The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to be better citizens. JROTC teaches self-discipline, confidence, and pride in a job well done, and it offers Cadets academic, physical and mental challenges and valuable life lessons.


1SG Cruz-Bianchi
United States Army Instructor
University HS ARMY JROTC Titan Battalion
1000 W Rhode Island avenue
Orange City, FL 32763
Office: 386-968-0013   ext: 46280

Bully Box Locations

Bully box locations:  There is one in the main office and one in guidance.  The box is a small acrylic box like a suggestion box in case a student is uncomfortable speaking up. Any teacher, administrator, campus advisor, or coach that a Cadet/student is comfortable talking to is also available for concerns or statements.

Media Release Form

Parents/ Guardians: you will find attached the Media Release Form, we the form authorizes local (or National) media/reporters/photographers that we may encounter during JROTC events to conduct interviews or take pictures. We are required to maintain a copy on file for all Cadets. If authorization is not granted, please just return the form indicating as such. The attached form covers the this school year. It is listed below as: 2005-036 MEDIA RELEASE 14-15.pdf




****2091 SAXON BLVD #103

        DELTONA, FL 32725                 386-259-4609

        Across from Publix, by I-4 bridge

This is the only location for alterations to be completed at UHS JROTC expense. This voucher must be presented in order for voucher to be valid.


 1200 DELTONA BLVD # 58

DELTONA, FL 32725                         386-860-9489

Old Winn Dixie shopping center


 1382 HOWLAND BLVD #122

DELTONA, FL 32738                         386-574-5530

Before Wal-Mart on Howland



If you have a request for support of our HOOAH Color Guard Team, please fill out the Event request document and deliver (via email, mail Pidgeon or hand delivery) to LTC Lubbers or MSG Beldotti.


 “The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly.” – Jim Rohn

Upcoming Events


As we return to school this year I want to say welcome to our new group of Freshman Cadets and Welcome Back to all of our returning Cadets. As you all know, we have a new Chain of Command this year. Cadet/LTC Zachary Nyguard is your new Battalion Commander with a great supporting staff of experienced Commanders and Staff Officers. 

We are updating our calendars and will post new events just as soon as we get dates, information, and a plan of action to accomplish our Missions. Traditionally the first few weeks of school we will have our OPEN HOUSE and freshman orientation. Due to our "Special Circumstances" this year many of our traditional first month activities may be on hold. All of the traditional JROTC competitions have been reinstated for the first semester and we are going to hold after school practices for Color Guard and Raiders. We are pushing really hard this year on our Raider Team to be ready to go back to the Florida State meet and bring back a trophy... so training will start early with physical fittness training to get everyone in shape. As soon as 6th Brigade determins what out competition schedule looks like I want to be ready.

We will post our weekly training schedules and update events as we get them, but expect something new every week.


Alright everyone, grab your Contacts list, your Facebook friends list, your business associate list, friends and family members, Mom, Dad, Grand Ma, Grand Pa, and wierd Uncle Fred... grab your credit cards and make a donation to a cadet. Parents we need your help in achieving our goals this year. We have 185 Cadets in the Program, so we need every cadet to input a MINIMUM of 20 email addresses into the system and receive at least one donation of $20.00 or more to be eledgible for prizes and (over $60.00) for a free Military Ball ticket. Parents get out there and help your cadet be successful. The money raised this year will go a long way in paying for our Military Ball, Awards Ceremony expenses, and other "nice to have" items for our cadets. 

Just because we are divided into Volusia Live and Traditional class groups, there is still a great opportunity to be productive. Since our fund raiser is all internet/web based, everyone can fully participate. WE ONLY HAVE TWO DAYS REMAINING.... Fund Raiser ends Thursday Oct 22nd.