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Final Timetable for Cambridge Assessments Spring 2024


Cambridge AICE at University High School

The Cambridge AICE (Advanced International Certificate of Education) program is an advanced academic program offered solely through Cambridge Assessment International Education, a division of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.  Cambridge AICE provides a flexible curriculum with a global focus that is offered worldwide to more than 8 million candidates at schools in over 160 countries.  For over 170 years, the prestigious University of Cambridge has been setting worldwide curriculum standards through their examinations.

University High's Cambridge AICE program offers a challenging and rigorous curriculum from 3 different subject areas - science, English language arts, and humanities.  Cambridge provides the flexibility for students to participate in other academy programs and extracurricular activities offered at University High.  Students have the opportunity to participate in University High's Cambridge AICE program as AICE participant, actively seeking the Cambridge AICE diploma, or as a non-AICE participant in a variety of open opportunity courses.

AICE participants seeking to earn the Cambridge AICE diploma must accrue at least 7 credits by passing AICE exams within 3 consecutive school years (25 months from the first exam to the last exam).  Students must earn a minimum of 1 credit in each of the 3 AICE diploma curriculum groups plus the core compulsory subject, Global Perspectives and Research.  A Cambridge AICE diploma and a minimum of 100 volunteer hours guarantees a full Bright Futures tuition scholarship without having to meet the other traditional requirements such as GPA and ACT/SAT scores.


Cambridge AICE Diploma Requirements

Cambridge AICE Diploma Requirements

Benefits of a Cambridge AICE Education

  • Broad, balanced academic program
  • Flexibility to pursue strengths and interests
  • Participation in advanced classes with like-minded academically achieving students
  • National and international recognition
  • Florida state university system recognizes AICE equally with AP and IB programs
  • Ability to pursue non-academic and extracurricular interests


Pre-AICE courses on the University High campus are honors level and weighted on the 4.5 grading scale.  These courses are typically more rigorous than traditional honors courses because they provide a variety of opportunities for students to develop writing and higher-level thinking skills in addition to a deeper exploration of the subject.  Pre-AICE courses provide a foundation of content and skills that will increase a student's chance of greater success in upper-level advanced courses.  These courses are not restricted to our Cambridge AICE Participants and do not lead to the Cambridge AICE diploma.  Any student that meets the academic prerequisites for a given Pre-AICE course is recommended to be scheduled for that course.  This is also true for most of our upper-level AICE courses that are offered beyond 9th grade.



Cambridge scores for the spring 2023 testing series are now available.  Students should use the login and password that they were given last semester to access the Cambridge score retrieval service.  This information was printed on a green flyer and distributed by one of their Cambridge teachers.  If a student cannot locate their login credentials, then they should email Mr. Lastowski at to request a copy of their score report.  Score reports will be emailed to the student (or parent/guardian) in the order in which the request was received within two school days.  I thank you in advance for your patience during the active start of the school year.

Grades of “a – e” are passing grades.  “UNGRADED” and “X” are non-passing grades.   Information regarding exam retakes will be shared with students and parents during the week of August 21st.

Cambridge AICE Participants (AICE diploma seekers) have different ways of earning Cambridge credits for the AICE diploma as a results of our increase in course offerings.  Students should email Mr. Lastowski at or schedule a meeting to discuss various options.


William Lastowski

Cambridge AICE Coordinator



Why Cambridge?

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