On Saturday October 26, the UHS Marching Band showed their stuff one last time at the regional MPA to be judged on their marching techniques as well as musical performance. This is the second time in four years that the UHS Marching Band has received a “Superior” rating.

Earning a superior rating at MPA for marching band can be very difficult. Aside from learning your music and memorizing your drill, marching band requires a great deal of hard work, dedication, and discipline. Marching band demands the physical rigor of a sport and the practice and finesse of performing arts.

“Marching band can be really hard at first, but after a while, it becomes muscle memory.” Emma DellaVecchia, junior and marching band member, commented, “It really just takes a lot of practice.”

Band students practice every single day in class and the practices take place almost every day after school generally last a couple of hours. Aside from that, students ordinarily dedicate a couple of hours at home to practice and perfect their music.

“The UHS Marching Band actually put in around 175 hours of rehearsal and performance time to prepare for MPA.” Christina Wessell, senior and lead drum major, informed, “We’ve put in so much effort and it definitely showed through our performance.”

This “Superior” rating granted the band students an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and served as a reward for all of the hard work they had put in.

“The band worked for hours and hours to make our show a superior performance.” Emma Hartsfield, a drum major and junior, stated, “I couldn’t be more proud of everyone. Everyone really deserved it and it showed that all that practice really was worth it.”

While practice can make perfect, in order to be successful, you also need a great director to guide you. David Martin, the Band Director, has helped his students learn and grow, as well as inspire them to always do their best. “I think the band kids are incredibly hardworking. They are a proud representation of University High School.” Mr. Martin continued, “As long as you work hard, dedicate yourself, and do your best, greatness can be achieved. I really think that that shows through their performance.”

Color Guard also received “Superior” ratings at their NPA competitions, and Ms. Stephanie Black could not be more proud of her dancers. This is also Ms. Black’s first time directing our talented UHS Color Guard.

MPA was the marching band’s last competition performance for the year, but although the marching band season is over, there are still big things ahead for Jazz Band and Concert Band. On Tuesday, December 10th, Concert Band and Jazz Band will showcase their hard work in the UHS Auditorium.