The Newest Addition to Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland Opened December 6th.

Two classic princesses have made their Magic Kingdom debut with their own section added to the famous park. Ariel, from Disney’s A Little Mermaid and Belle, from Beauty and the Beast are both a part of the newest addition to the park, Fantasyland. Fantasyland is focused mainly on these two princesses and the new renovation of the Dumbo ride.

In Belle’s corner of the park is the Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction where the audience is guided through Maurice’s Cottage that is filled with Beauty and the Beast inspired décor. As the audience moves through these rooms, they are transported through a magic mirror and greeted by the movie characters Lumière and Madame Wardrobe. Both Lumière and Madame Wardrobe interact with the audience and guide them in order to reenact the story of the day Belle and Beast first met; the happy ending rests in the audiences hands.

Gaston’s Tavern is one of the main places in Belle’s piece of Fantasyland to stop for refreshments and snacks. The restaurant is named after the villain-like character in the movie, Gaston. Gaston’s Tavern features the original concoction of Lefou’s Brew; the drink is a unique mix of apple, mango, and marshmallow flavors. The Be Our Guest Restaurant is another option for park visitors to have a sit down dining experience which includes a French inspired menu selection.

The last and most prominent piece of Belle’s area of Fantasyland is her and the Beast’s castle. Belle and the Beast’s castle lights up just like Cinderella’s, but it is significantly smaller.

Some of the bigger attractions included in the Ariel themed portion of the park are Ariel’s under the Sea Journey, Ariel’s Grotto, and Ariel’s very own castle. The waiting line to enter Ariel’s under the Sea Journey is inside of a cave and it is decorated to look like the ship wreck from the movie with notes from Ariel written on ship scraps and moving crabs. Once people enter the ride they move thru movie inspired scenes including characters Ariel, Prince Eric, Scuttle, Sebastian, Ursula, and King Triton all while riding in a clam shell. In Ariel’s Grotto children can move through the cave lit with rainbow lights and meet Ariel; they also have the option of getting their picture taken with her. 

The third section of Fantasyland is dedicated to the older Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride which has been redone. There are now two Dumbo rides with more flying elephants so more park visitors can ride at one time. The new Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride is red, blue, and gold with small fountains to accompany the circus appearance in the section of the park surrounding the ride. While waiting to board the ride visitors can walk through the big top tent where children can take pictures with the classic Disney characters Mickey, Daisy, Goofy, and Donald. The big top also holds the children’s play area inside.

Another contribution to the circus area is the Goofy’s Barnstormer Rollercoaster; the rollercoaster is a junior rollercoaster. There aren’t many drops; mainly there are small loops that the rollercoaster speeds around. As people are waiting the area around the waiting line is decorated with scenes of circus acts preformed by the great “Goofini”; Goofy as a magician in the ride named for him. Even the Disney staff is dressed as ring masters.

Children who prefer not to go on the rollercoaster can spend time in the water area that includes a train full of circus animals. Visitors can buy circus themed snacks and Disney merchandise at Pete’s Silly Sideshow tent.

Fantasyland is not fully completed; Disney is adding more on to their newest portion of the park. Those additions are the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coming in 2014, which already has a sneak peek area where the construction is, and the Princess Fairytale Hall. The Princess Fairytale Hall will feature most Disney princess and will open sometime later this year.

Although the Fantasyland is relatively new to the Magic Kingdom it has been very busy with families that are excited to see what the new section of the park has in store. Many little girls that entered Fantasyland were even dressed for the occasion wearing Belle or Ariel dresses.