Not just a story of talent, but a story of overcoming the difficulties around us. This is a story about local University High Senor, Lawrence Humphrey.

In the past two years Lawrence has been focusing on his talent. Now at eighteen, Lawrence looks to the future and the past, to make his dreams a reality. He will, in fact, be competing in this year’s talent show, just as he performed in last years. When asked about the talent show, he said, “I feel confident that I’ll do fine... I want to leave my presence there, do the best I can. If I don’t place, then I don’t place, and that’s fine. As long as I give everything I’ve got.”

He has been singing since he was a child, a lot of times with just him and his sister who also loves to sing. It was in 2009 that everything changed. The sad event of his little sisters drowning lead to him looking for a release, “I struggled to express my self. I decided to use music to help my family, to give back, because it releases my inner self,” says Lawrence.

Lawrence receives a lot of help and encouragement from both family and friends. His mother taught him and his sister all about singing, and his father taught himself how to play the piano, going off of what Lawrence’s grandfather taught him. Both of his parents have encouraged him to do talent shows, church choirs, and any other events to let him sing. It’s the love and support of his parents and sister that influences him the most.

He sings R&B, Reggae, and Rock, and though only doing covers so far, he has written two songs and hopes to become a songwriter, singer, and producer, as he grows older. But before that he has to get through school, “I struggle with school, singing helps me keep a clear head,” says Lawrence. Lawrence is on his way and he hopes to go onto a show like, ‘The Voice”, or “American Idol” and once again leave his presence on stage.

“Try your best, do what you have to do, and don’t give up.” Some wise words of advice for anyone who wants to sing and who wants to try, the greatest talent comes from those who are willing to continue trying. Even when life gets you down, challenges are put before you. When things feel like it’s getting to hard to handle you have to get up, keep trying, and pull through.