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WEEK ONE 8/12-8/16

Welcome Freshman!

Rise of the Titans c/o 2022

B/R: What causes death?

Intro of Teacher & course

Procedures & Expectations

- S.T.E.M.

-  PBS Course


Supplies for Course

 B/R: What is BioMed? (Inspiration)

Collect Contracts/Syllabi

Logistics of Career Journals, Scientific Lab Reports, & Proper Documentation

B/R: What careers may be involved in solving a mysterious death?

1.1.1: A Mysterious Death Using Inspiration

B/R: What is an expectation you have of a GREAT teacher? 

1.1.2: Examining a Scene – part 1

WEEK TWO 8/19-8/23

B/R: What clues may be found at a scene of a mysterious death that may help to determine the cause of death?

1.1.2: Examining a Scene – part 1

B/R: List at least 5 human body systems (there are 11 if you’re up to the challenge) :)

1.1.2: Examining a scene part 2 “CSI Search Methods” using inspiration create a concept map

B/R: Pick 2 body systems. What organs make up your selected body systems?

1.1.2: Examining a scene – part 3

Unit 1 Terminology

B/R: In your opinion, which body system is the most important for survival? Justify your answer.

Finish 1.1.2: Examining a scene – part 3

B/R: What might be the consequence of malfunctions in any of the body systems?

Career Journals (CJ’s) – how to set them up & assign unit 1 due by next Friday 9/6.

WEEK THREE 8/26-8/30

B/R: What is the stem motto?

1.1.4: Blood, Footprint, Hair, and Fingerprint Analysis

B/R: What is an autopsy and how can it be used to determine the cause of death?

1.1.4: Blood, Footprint, Hair, and Fingerprint Analysis

B/R: What is the difference between a primary & secondary source?

1.1.4: Drug Analysis Lab

B/R: none

Meet in Auditorium for S.T.E.M. Talk

 - Expectations

 - Procedures

 - Probation

 - Integration

B/R: What is confidentiality & how can it be important?

1.1.4: Drug Analysis Lab


WEEK FOUR 9/2-9/6

No School

Labor Day


B/R: What type of medical professional performs autopsies? 

Anna’s sketch

Anna’s Clues and Persons of Interest

B/R: What is DNA?

1.1.5: Time of Death

Go over Biomedical Experimental Design, lab equipment, and personal protective equipment.

B/R: What is Forensic Science?  How is it used today?

Career Journal Day

B/R: What are the 4 components of DNA?

Career Journal Day

WEEK FIVE 9/9-9/13

B/R:  What are toxicology reports and how can they help solve a case?

Binder Check Prep - Set up Binder; complete any make-up work

B/R: What would you like to learn about autopsies? 

Binder Check

B/R: Why is it important to remember 9/11?

1.1.5: Time of Death

Binder check

B/R: Suggest reasons why autopsies are required when a person dies as the result of an automobile or un-witnessed accident.

1.2.1: What is DNA – using Molecular kits

B/R: What can Forensics Techs extract DNA from?

1.2.1: What is DNA pt 1

WEEK SIX 9/16-9/20

B/R:   Is there ever a time patient confidentiality should be broken?

No School

B/R:  What is the difference between moral and ethical?

1.3.2: HIPAA Confidentiality


B/R:  What physical evidence obtained from the Garcia crime scene could be used to obtain DNA?

Unit 2 CJ Day

B/R: Describe one of the main challenges in extracting DNA from cells found at a crime scene.

Unit 2 CJ Day

B/R: Explain why the underlying and immediate causes of death are both important when preparing an autopsy report

House: TB or Not TB

WEEK SEVEN 9/23-9/27

B/R:  none

Patch Adams

B/R:  none

Patch Adams

B/R:  None

Patch Adams

B/R: What is Diabetes?

Patch Adams

B/R: Was Patch Adams ethical? Explain your reasoning.

Patch Adams & Analysis


WEEK EIGHT 9/30-10/4

B/R:  How can measuring and analyzing blood splatter be useful to aiding in the investigation of a crime/murder?

1.2.1: What is DNA – using molecular kits

1.2.3: DNA Analysis – part 1

B/R:  Suggest three specific reasons why determining the cause of death can sometimes be difficult.

1.2.3: DNA Analysis – part 2 – Virtual Electrophoresis

1.2.3: Suspect DNA

B/R:  Why is it important to be accurate when filling out medical reports (i.e charting, autopsy reports)?

1.2.2: DNA Extraction Lab

 B/R:  What does HIPAA stand for?

Finish 1.2.2: DNA Extraction Write-up

Binder Check

B/R: What is HIPAA? Why is it important?

Binder check

WEEK NINE 10/7-10/11

B/R: What are the 4 components of DNA?

1.3.1: Autopsy Report Discussion

1.3.3: Was it a Crime

Binder Check

B/R:   Besides DNA profiling, for what other reasons might scientists and researchers use DNA analysis?  

1.3.1: Human Body Systems & The Autopsy

Binder Check

B/R:  Classify Drugs (all that you know) including legal and illegal.

Unit 1 Terms Jeopardy

 B/R: 3 min study!

Unit 1 Terms Quiz

Unit 2 Terms

B/R: What is the difference between ethics and morals?

House: Humpty Dumpty