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Assignments Quarter 2

10/16: First draft; Argumentative essay assigned. Topic: Student's choice. Handwritten. No Pencil. Formative. Due 10/18.

10/19: DIA will be taken in class through 10/20. Absent students must come to OH to make this up. For those students who finish early, there will be a vocabulary exercise to occupy your time. This will count toward your grade. 

10/23: Vocabulary practice (see the item labeled "Vocab Practice Choose 3" listed below) for vocabulary list 4. Due 10/24 (Homework)

10/24: Revision 1, on a separate sheet of paper stapled to the top of your rough draft. Revise one body paragraph or add one that contains an effective counterpoint and rebuttal. Due at the beginning of class on 10/25.

10/25: Revision 2, on a separate sheet of paper stapled to the top of your rough draft. Revise your introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Due at the beginning of class on 10/26

10/26: In-class citations practice. Due the same day. 

10/27: Media center day. Complete research as assigned below (see attachment in notes for "Revision 3"). Full redraft (combine all parts thus far) due Monday 10/30.

10/30: Peer Review Practice/familiarity. In-class exercise. Due at the end of the period. Absent students, come to office hours for make-up.

11/6: VLT 1, Argumentation. Three days to complete with 11/8 being the final day. 

11/9: Vocab quiz on set 4. 

11/13: Vocab list practice assigned. Use each word in a grammatically correct sentence. Can use any number of sentences to accomplish this. Due 11/14/2017

11/17: Metamorphosis ACE questions Due 11/20

11/20-21: Metamorphosis story ending and ACE (formative and summative). Due 11/21

11/21: Binder Check (Formative)

12/23: Binder Check (Summative)

11/29: 9/11 Article (see below) annotated and highlighted for cause and effect. 2 Paragraph summary on the back (ACE format. What is the greater purpose of the article). Due 11/30

11/30: Simplexity Graphic Organizer. Due 12/1

12/1: Vocabulary 5 Quiz (with words from previous lists). 

12/8: Vocab Quiz 6

12/15: Vocab Summative

12/13: DIA 2

12/20: Final Binder Check 

Bellringers Quarter 2


MUG 7 10/16

Take out the trash Mom ordered before the
dog knocks over the can.

Jordan get those straws out of you're nose,
Mom shouted.

MUG 10/23

For Holloween my boyfriend Thor decided to
dress up as a dainty delicate princess.

On Saturday night some teenagers in my
neighberhood dressed up as vampires and
ghouls write some funny songs and went
Halloween style caroling

MUG 10/30

the gallegos twins visited yellowstone national
park with there family last summer they had to
wait nearly ninety minutes to see old faithful

My dependible car who has taken me over
120,000 miles still has a smooth purring

MUG 11/13

In The Scarlet Ibis a short story by James Hurst
the character of Doodle is spiritually connected
to a exotic bird the author does this to show
the beuty of a fragile life.

The horses tale whipt wildly as it endures the
long pencil sized needle that Dr Lopez used for

MUG 11/27

In the final seconds of the game Craig past the
ball to Travis, and then he tripped over his
shoelace and broke his arm.

Sitting on the top shelf of the refridgerator
Brody spotted Mom's triple layer birthday cake.


Read the following prompt and create a Claim:
•Should students be allowed to plagiarize (steal) other writers’ work for their own uses?
•Now, create a single body paragraph (ACE) defending your claim. Remember, do not repeat your claim for the point. Your point supports your claim.
•You may, if you’re feeling frosty, make this paragraph a counterpoint and rebuttal paragraph, but don’t neglect the explanation at the end. 

Journal Prompts Quarter 2

Prompt: 10/17 What fashion trend do you absolutely love or hate? Why? What fashion trend would you like to see come back? Why?

Prompt: 10/24 The assignment is to write a description of the ideal human being that might be created, the individual with the finest set of attitudes, personality traits, life aspirations, and personal values.
Do that, then when you're done, compare your life to that person. 

Prompt 10/25: Create a list of updated superstitions for the 21st century. You already know several about black cats and broken mirrors, but what about things involving Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat, and other modern things? Be creative and have fun with this. These don't have to be actual superstitions. 

Prompt 11/9: What is the one thing that absolutely annoys you? What is that pet peeve of yours? Why does it bother you so much?

Prompt 11/13: Pick one of the following three quotes and talk about your belief in it and yourself. Are you the type to practice what you preach?

Quotes: "Never let anyone tell you that you are too small or too slow." -- Chris Paull

"Success is not an accident. Success is actually a choice." -- Stephen Curry

"Nobody should expect more of you than you request of yourself." -- Carmelo Anthony

Prompt 11/17: Describe a smell of a place you love and be descriptive. Who is there? What is going on? Are you cooking anything? Are you out in nature? Explain.

Prompt 11/28: In your journal, discuss how YOU might react to a crisis situation and why (in theory). (Minimum length: 1/2 page)

11/29 - 12/20: Narrative writing (we will be working with this one for a few cycles)

You wake up in a hospital, on a gurney, in a hospital gown. You've clearly been out for a few days based on the stubble growing on your chin (or legs whatever). In the distance, you hear groaning and shuffling footsteps. When you look out the window, you still shambling people in various states of decay, clearly dead but still walking. A still-living person runs across the street below and is tackled by a mass of the walking dead. Your room is empty. The hospital is empty. The power flickers on and off. You don't see your clothes or possessions anywhere. What do you do? (1st or 3rd person is acceptable)

Notes Quarter 2


10/23: Vocabulary notes. See attached powerpoint below for in-class presentation (Vocabulary List 4.pptx).

10:24: Notes on argumentative structure, counterclaim, and rebuttal.

10/25: Notes on opening paragraphs and conclusions

10/26: Notes on citations. 

11/13: Vocab list 5

Notes Attachments Quarter 2

Essays Quarter 2

Argumentative Essay -- studetn'ts choice of topic
  • 10/16: First draft; Argumentative essay assigned. Topic: Student's choice. Handwritten. No Pencil. Formative. Due 10/18. 
    • We will be revising this later, so don't stress over minor mechanical/content errors. 
  • 10/24: First targeted revision--creating and adding counterclaims and rebuttals. This will be a page stapled on top of your rough which you redraft relevant body paragraphs to contain counterclaims and rebuttals. 
    • Honors--must have at least three counterclaims and rebuttals in the essay body
    • Regular--must have at least one counterclaim and rebuttal in the essay body
  • 10/25: Second revision: redraft the introduction and conclusion
  • 10/27: Third revision. Correct and add evidence using proper citations within the body. 
  • 10/31: Peer review of a second full-draft, also, happy Halloween. 
  • 11/1: Final Draft assigned. One full week provided for completion. Final Draft due 11/8. 
    • Components of the final draft, in order, from top to bottom, stapled:
      • Final Draft
      • Peer Review sheet
      • Revision 3
      • Revision 2
      • Revision 1
      • Rough Draft

VLT (Volusia Literacy Test) 1: Argumentation

  • 11/6: Day 1 of in-class writing time
  • 11/7: Day 2 of in-class writing time
  • 11/8: Day 3 of in-class writing time. Essay is due this day. Missing days of writing time must be made up by Friday, 11/10 during office hours. 

Vocabulary Quarter 2


Vocab list 1:

  1. Diminutive
  2. Implement
  3. Frigid
  4. Deluge
  5. Extraneous
  6. Squander
  7. Malevolent
  8. Congregate
  9. Adept
  10. Teeming

Vocab list 2:

  1. Facetious
  2. Hue
  3. Pristine
  4. Glean
  5. Disarray
  6. Reciprocal
  7. Eke
  8. Uncanny
  9. Infatuation
  10. Fickle 

Vocab list 3:

  1. Acute
  2. Macabre
  3. Oblivious
  4. Desolate
  5. Façade
  6. Taboo
  7. Discombobulate
  8. Elaborate
  9. Obscure
  10. Fortuitous 
Vocab List 4
  1. Chronicle--noun and verb
  2. Oblige--verb
  3. Dense--adjective
  4. Detest--verb
  5. Verbatim--adverb and adjective
  6. Benevolent--adjective
  7. Admonish--verb
  8. Stern--adjective (Not the noun form)
  9. Crass--adjective
  10. Vigilant--adjective

Vocab list 5

  1. Toil - noun and verb
  2. vacate - verb
  3. besiege - verb
  4. Censor - verb
  5. constrict - verb
  6. ban - noun and verb
  7. delude - verb
  8. bedlam - noun
  9. ponder - verb
  10. Monotone -adjective

Vocab list 6

  1. Askew 
  2. Debris
  3. Jilted
  4. Conjure
  5. Loquacious
  6. Inquisitive
  7. Affable
  8. Exacerbate
  9. Lovelorn
  10. Subsequent

Syllabus and Curriculum Map

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UHS has been my home for the past four years and, every year, I look forward to working with an exciting batch of new young people.

Much like the youth I teach, my life doesn’t revolve around school (though it should, for you, go study... even more), and a rather wide and culturally opposed set of hobbies fill my rare chunks of spare time. I’m a Crossfit athlete, weightlifter, painter, amateur chef, dungeon master, video gamer. My home is stuffed to the brim with gaming and anime memorabilia. Furthermore, I am a life-long martial artist having taught and earned, instructor credentials in Kenpo, Judo, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, and have actively competed in submission wrestling and in local karate tournament circuits. I wrestle with the boys’ wrestling team at UHS, partially out of a desire to help, and partially out of a love of the technical beauty of the sport itself.

Finally, I am a family man: a husband of 13 years (as of December) and father of 12 and 10-year-old daughters. My desire to be a role-model for them is as strong as it is to be one for my students, and I strive daily to impart the importance of a lettered, educated, and professional self-presentation in everyday life.

I also like tacos.

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