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Offered: Grade 12
Credit: 1.0
Length: Year
Prerequisite: Limited English Proficiency
Type of Credit: English

The purpose of this course is to provide integrated educational experiences in the language arts strands of reading, writing, literature, communication, and informational literacy to native speakers of a language other than English and to develop an awareness of cultural diversity to native speakers of a language other than English. The content should include, but not be limited to, the following: using the reading process to construct meaning using technical, informative, and imaginative texts; becoming familiar with the works of well-known British authors (however, literature representative of other cultures may be used to support integrated studies and multicultural emphases); demonstrating understanding of key elements of a variety of forms of literature by producing written and oral reports; understanding culture as expressed in literature; listening and speaking experiences relating to the reading and writing assignments; acquiring and expanding an extensive vocabulary through reading; using writing processes for various purposes with attention to style and format (including analysis of sentence structure and practice in paragraph development); writing coherent compositions with introductions, bodies, and conclusions; using appropriate transitions; using the research process and individual inquiry to locate, analyze, and evaluate information; using effective listening, speaking, and viewing strategies in informal and formal situations appropriate to the academic environment and the work place; demonstrating ability to take notes on content area subject matter; language critical thinking and study skills; Appropriate instructional strategies to meet the needs of the English language learner shall be provided.