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Drama and Theatre Courses

Theatre 1

This course provides experiences in the study and practice of theatre arts and literature.  Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of theatre production which includes scenery construction, costuming, lighting, make-up, and the fundamentals of acting.

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Theatre 2

This course provides intermediate development of skills useful to the study and practice of theatre arts.  The content includes instruction in reading and interpretation of dramatic literature, with an emphasis on the techniques and mechanics of acting, set, costume and lighting design (stagecraft), character analysis and portrayal; interpretive and analytical study of plays; and production of plays and dramatic presentations. 

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Theatre 3 Honors

This course provides opportunities for drama students to continue study in acting and production techniques.  The content includes instruction in specific acting techniques and various dramatic presentations emphasizing acting theories, the practice and theory of set design, make-up, lighting, properties, and directing.

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Theatre 4 Honors

This course provides group instruction and performance experiences in acting and stage production.  Major emphasis of study focuses on continuing development of acting skills, conceptual understanding, and aesthetic appreciation.  Activities include play production, evaluation festivals, critical analysis and original work.  As an honors course, the focus is on cooperative learning as well as individualized instruction, student leadership, a written comprehensive examination and evaluation of dramatic skills through ensemble performance, individual solo performance, directing experiences, and written critiques.

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