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Offered: Grade 10
Credit: 1.0
Length: Year
Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation
Type of Credit: Required for Graduation

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the past in terms of the development of humanity. This is done by analyzing the cultural, dynastic, economic, military, political, religious, scientific, and social events that have shaped and molded humanity. Content will include geo-historic development; comparative views of history; the origin and development of contrasting civilizations, political theories and philosophies; an analysis of cultural universals; the diversity of economic thought and practices; the influence of major figures and events; and interpretations concerning the historical development of our contemporary world affairs.

Honors courses offer scaffolded learning opportunities for students to develop the critical skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in a more rigorous and reflective academic setting. Students are empowered to perform at higher levels as they engage in the following: analyzing historical documents and supplementary readings, working in the context of thematically categorized information, becoming proficient in note-taking, participating in Socratic seminars/discussions, emphasizing free-response and document-based writing, contrasting opposing viewpoints, solving problems, etc. Students will develop and demonstrate their skills through participation in a capstone and/or extended research-based paper/project (e.g. Social Studies fair, projects for competitive evaluation, or other teacher-directed projects).