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Offered: Grade 11, 12
Credit: 1.0
Length: Year
Prerequisite: Leadership Education/Training 2/Teacher Recommendation
Type of Credit: Elective

The purpose of this course is to enable students to expand on the skills taught in Leadership Education and Training 2. This course allows cadets to investigate the interrelationships of the services while they continue to build their leadership development and decision-making skills. It includes negotiation skills and management principles. It emphasizes staff procedures and opportunities to handle various leadership situations as well as prevent violence and manage anger. The research, identification, planning, and execution of service learning activities are included. This course gives cadets the opportunity to apply basic concepts of strategies for career exploration and planning. It teaches how to create a career portfolio and plan for college or work. Financial management principles are studied. Skills for orienteering and/or land navigation are developed. The course also includes studies in the federal judicial system and how historical events have shaped social systems.

The JROTC courses coupled below meet the high school graduation fine arts requirement:

  • Air Force Leadership 1 and Air Force Leadership 2


  • Air Force Aerospace Science 1 and Air Force aerospace Science 2


  • Army Leadership Education and Training 1 and Army Leadership Education and Training 2