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Anti Stress Club
B. Kells [email protected]
Art Club
P. Frasco [email protected]
Audio/Visual Club A. Robertson [email protected]
Criminal Justice Club M. Dye [email protected]
Culinary Club
D. Wynne & T. Owens [email protected]
Earth & Surf Club
J. Cherry [email protected]
Envirothon J. Cherry [email protected]
Leadership Team -STEM Ambassadors J. Clayton [email protected]
Titan Theatre
A. Robertson [email protected]
Tri Music Honor Society D. Martin [email protected]
UHS Press  C. Hanks [email protected]
Quill &Scroll (Honor Society) C. Hanks [email protected]
UHS Dance Club: Innovation
A. Norton [email protected]
Academic Team
J. Ficco [email protected]
Anime Club
S. Ogram [email protected]
AVID M. Goode [email protected]
K. Hartless [email protected]
Key Club S. Schottler [email protected]
Mu Alpha Theta- Math Honor Club W. Stanton [email protected]
National English Honor Society J. Horton [email protected]
Project 396
H. Barrow
Robotics D. Deloach [email protected]
Science Olympiad A. Pahel [email protected]
Titan Travel
D. Drysdale [email protected]
Rho Kappa J. Ruggiero & V. Kennedy [email protected]
School of Government-Model UN
D. Sarro [email protected]
Science National Honor Society L.Revlett [email protected]
Star Wars Club G. Castaldo [email protected]
The Book You Were Meant To Read Club R. Vickery [email protected]
Titan Enterprise M. Zawatsky [email protected]
UHS Tabletop Game Club
W. Koontz [email protected]
L. Parrish [email protected]
UHS Gaming Club
D. Manning  [email protected]
UHS Volleyball Club  H. Whetstone  [email protected]
The Recruits W. Lastowski [email protected]
ESOL Club L. Magda Torres-Colon  [email protected]
FCA L. Taylor [email protected]
National Honor Society LBemer & B. McAvoy [email protected]
Red Cross Club
P. Revlett  [email protected]
Teen CERT Dr. Revlett  [email protected]
Titan Dance Crew Ms. Colon/L Hastedt  [email protected]
UHS Speech Club Ms. Joseph  [email protected]
S.G.A McCann  [email protected]
UHS Gaming and Simulation Academy Manning [email protected]
UHS Finance Academy Smith [email protected]
UHS Engineering Academy Bordeaux [email protected]
UHS Robotics Academy Deloach [email protected]
UHS Biomed Academy Clayton [email protected]
UHS E-tech Academy Hartless [email protected]
UHS Debate Club Parrish [email protected]
Senior Class McCann  [email protected]
Junior Class D. McMann [email protected]
Sophomore and Freshman Class B. Haught [email protected]
GSA Club R. Sarro and Guidance Counselors Guidance Councelors