The yearbook pricing schedule has been adjusted this year to reflect the rising cost of production and a lack of program funding. We still encourage all community members to purchase their yearbooks at the start of the year, when prices are lowest. Thank you for supporting the students who create this yearbook in the student-run journalism program. 

Buy here:

Pricing Schedule:

$75 - Aug. 1-31

$80 - Sept 1 - Jan. 31

$85 - Feb. 1 - April 30th

Final sale price of the yearbook is $90 in May, if we have any yearbooks still available. 

All available previous years are for sale for $85. Email [email protected] prior to purchasing on OSP, as we need to verify we have a copy in stock. 

For more information throughout the year, visit the website. 

Yearbooks are unable to be returned but can be exchanged if there are printing errors in your copy of the book. Exchanges must occur prior to writing in the yearbook and while books are still in stock. If you accidentally purchase more than one copy of the yearbook, you are encouraged to resell your additional copy. Returns will not be made on yearbooks for any reason. We order the number of yearbooks based on the number of orders placed. 

The University High School yearbook is a nationally award-winning publication and is recognized for its excellence in writing, photography, coverage, and design. The students who produce this yearbook spend the year developing this book as a service to the school. We hope you love it!