SGA recognizes that this can be a tough time of year for many students with testing, graduation, and dealing with the recent events surrounding schools. Being the school spirit leader, SGA wanted to have a week of positivity to try and combat the struggles many are facing. From this idea, we created the First Annual Titan Awareness Week to be held April 23rd - 27th with events occurring during lunch. During this week, we will take a day to help students become more aware of the world around them. We also hope to promote kindness toward others.

 Titan Awareness Week April 23-27, 2018


Monday - Peace Day: students are encouraged to wear white as that is a sign of peace and serenity. River rocks were painted with words of encouragement and hidden around the school. Students are encouraged to find the rocks and bring them to the SGA table for a special treat. We will also have music and games related to the theme at lunch in the courtyard. Kim Carnes would be the student to contact for details.


Tuesday - School Safety Day: this day will incorporate ways to keep yourself and others safe at school and within the community. Students will be available during lunch to hand out pamphlets with information on the idea of 'see something, say something.' Delia Beauvais is the student contact.


Wednesday - Prom Safety Day: students are encouraged to wear Disney themed items in honor of our prom theme, Beauty and the Beast. During lunch, we will host the annual Prom Safety Promise for juniors and seniors. We are hoping to have guest speaker for the Jr and Sr class to hear on this day as well as a DUI wrecked car on campus to remind students not to drink and drive, but we are still working on these pieces. Hannah Mulroney is the student contact.  


Thursday - Happiness and Kindness Day - students are encouraged to wear yellow as it is the universal color of happiness. SGA will be in the courtyard at lunch giving away flowers with words of encouragement written on them as well as suckers.


Friday - Unified Titan Day - students are encouraged to wear orange as we are all Titans and must work together to make a difference in the world we all share. We will have a typical fun Friday at lunch with school spirit giveaways for those that dress-up.