Wristbands will be delivered to 6th period classes at the start of the period. Teachers will distribute the wrist bands to their students immediately. If a student is absent, they will return the band to their folder. A student will come by and collect the folders from the teachers immediately after, and we will create a list of absent students for the following lunch period the next day. 


Next, we will call down students by color to come get their books. Their wristband gets cut into a bucket, and they receive their yearbook.  Kids will then move into the cafeteria where they can sign each other’s books and look through them.  At the end of the period, students will go to their 7th period.


We will have roughly 500 yearbooks to distribute, and students will come down in groups. 

Students who do not have a sixth period can go to a separate table to get their books. If they are unable to get there that day, they will be available for pick up the following lunch period. After that, we will hand deliver what we can, as soon as we can.

A list of pre-ordered yearbooks: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9cgz9vi9x8udds7/Student%20Report%20-%20All%20purchased%20books%20sheet%202.pdf?dl=0

Didn't purchase a yearbook prior to the April 30th deadline? They will be sold for $90 on May 9th during lunch, and then will be available in the school store. 

Email questions to [email protected]