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Department: Math Consultation

Email: [email protected]

Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education. - Martin Luther King, Jr.




What is consultation?

The consultation teacher regularly communicates/meets with the general education teacher to assist and provide effective strategies, interventions, and accommodations designed to support students' identified area of need and ensure that the student is successful in the classroom. Any direct contact with students is scheduled so that there is no interference with instructional time.

Case manager is a part of consultation services. A case manager regularly monitors students' performance in grades, discipline, attendance, assessments, etc. Case manager will also identify students' learning needs, deficits, and learning styles. Case manager provide direct instructional support to students as needed. Case manager communicates with parents, counselors, and teachers regarding student needs. Case manager is responsible for providing pertinent information, while attending and advocating for students during attendance, discipline, teacher, and IEP meetings. 

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When is the best time for students to visit their case manager?
The best time to visit a case manager is during office hours (first 30 minutes of lunch). Return to Top
What usually occurs during office hours?

There are a few things that can occur during office hours...

Students may receive grade print-outs with missing/failing assignments

Discussion of grades, missing/failing assignments, attendance, tardies, behaviors, and graduation requirements (credits & GPA's)

Discussion of any concerns or issues

Possible tutoring and remediation

Students may receive a calendar schedule (assists with organizational/time management skills)

Proficiency Lab - Students are provided accommodations during formatives/summatives based on individual needs. 

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