Dear students,

It has been such a joy to teach you all this year. We have had our good and bad times--but overall I need you to know that-- I have been so blessed with my classes this year. Each one of you has affected me in a positive way (even if you think you haven't). Every class has it's own chemistry and they all seem to be on the positive side. I don't know what I did to get so lucky. I hope all of you come back to visit me and that you have a safe summer. I don't know what grade I will be teaching next year but I do know that I will still be a Titan! So bring on 2017-2018...after summer of course. Thank God it's here!

I have a little note for each class period:

First Period:

You are is just a bunch of goofballs. What I love most about you is that you try your hardest not to tear each other down. Although we all laugh at things from time to time-- this class has always been a "benefit of the doubt" class. It is astonishing to see that in young people. It makes me confident in our future as a society. <3 You always have a place with Ms. Castaldo.

Second Period:

You all are full of laughter, happiness, and LOVE dry humor! I've never seen a class so sharp with wit and understanding. Our discussions have been so fun and I love when you all "help" each other understand instructions. I always laugh when I see second period. What I love most about this class is how open you all are in discussions. It's incredible to see and always fills me with pride. <3 You always have a place with Ms. Castaldo

Third Period:

You all are DEFINITELY not afraid to disagree. I learned that VERY quickly. I love how you all can joke one minute, but be serious and about the work another. This class (like the others) is also full of laughs. I have seen so much growth in your writing! I am so proud of you all and I can't wait to see you excell through high school. <3 You always have a place with Ms. Castaldo

Fourth Period:

This has been a lively class for sure. What I love and will miss most about fourth period is our ability to find the humor in disagreements between you all. It was like--I blinked and you all were treating each other like family. I had no idea just how much growth was happening until I started hearing you all talk as you walked in and out of the class. Whether ya'll like it or not-- we got used to each other. <3 You always have a place with Ms. Castaldo

Fifth Period:

Although this class has had their disagreements, you always look out for each other. You always lift each other up. This class has been a family from 'go'. The incredible thing that I will miss about you all is your ability to empathize with the world around you. I remember hearing, "pssst, Ms. Castaldo--(student) is crying". I love that you all had such an understanding of when I was needed. I loved that. <3 You always have a place with Ms. Castaldo

Sixth Period:

Like any class we have had quite a few misunderstandings as well, but I am so happy with the strides that have been made in this class. The beautiful thing about 6th period is their evolution throughout the year. This class is a completely different room than they were in first quarter. I love how much you all have matured and grown--it is amazing to see. <3 You always have a place with Ms. Castaldo

To parents:

Thank you for allowing me to teach your wonderful children. They are all so beautifully unique and it makes for a VERY fun classroom.